Protect your Boat & your Wallet

Prevent Marine Growth & Protect your Boat Hull from decay with the Boat Bottom Protector!

Select your Boat Size for customized Protection


Less then 2 year return on your investment in maintenance alone


10 year product life with patented Swedish HydroFloat Technology

Accepted in All Marinas

Fits all Boat slips. Built for salt and fresh water.

Easy to Install

Easy Waterside Setup. Under an Hour to Install

Protects Environment

Reduces needs for toxic paints. Constructed with 100% recyclable material

Saves Time and Effort

No more hard scrapping and cleaning

The Boat Bottom Protector prevents decay & always keeps your boat hull clean!

  • No maintenance is necessary
  • No need for toxic paint
  • No more hull scrapping and cleaning
  • No barnacles and marine growth
  • No additional wintertime storage needed

Less than 2

Years Return on Investment

Product pays for itself with reduce maintenance and cleaning costs.


More Affordable than a Traditional Boatlift

No expensive installation costs; No maintenance needed; No high purchase cost

Setting a New Standard for Affordable Hull Protection

  • A novel technology to save money on hull maintenance
  • Stop cleaning & repainting your hull and save money with the Boat Bottom Protector
  • Alternative to purchasing a Boatlift

10 Years of Swedish Perfection: The Ultimate Standard.

Guaranteed to protect your hull for the next decade.

Simple Installation, Lasting Protection

Select your boat size for customized protection

Boat Owners Love Their Boats

and Protect Their Boats with BoatCleanBottom

Protects Environment As Much As Your Boat

- Stops pollution and and environmentally friendly - No more using poisonous paint.

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